Terms of service (only for stupid people)

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I hate the business of private information probably more than you do. I will not share your information under any form or circumstances. However, if the server is hacked I cannot protect your data. I'll do my best so that doesn't happen.


The fact that I designed and programmed this site doesn't make me own anything, I only own my computers and the bits inside them. If you duplicate those bits to a computer of your own you can do whatever you want with them, they are now yours. Every time you visit this website all the information is copied to your computer (including the compiler), so you can do whatever you want with it. Feel free to share, copy and distribute everything in this site, even charge for it if you want. In the process you could mention that I did this, but only if you feel like it.
PS: Information cannot be owned, patent laws and copyright notices are the result of people who put their own profit before the common good.

Technical details

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